Law Of Attraction

How to use the Law Of Attraction to manifest anything you want

There are many laws that govern the Universe and regardless of our age, gender, culture, religion etc., we are all susceptible to them. Among all of these laws, there’s one that’s really important to know in order to live a more harnomious and serene life, that is : the Law of Attraction.

1. How the law of attraction works

Whether you are aware of it or not, the law of attraction impacts your life on a daily basis. Each and every second of your existence, you act as a magnet. What you experience every day is the mirror of who you are inside ; more precisely, your life is the mirror of your thoughts and emotions. So if you don’t like the life you have, the good news is that you can totally change it by attracting what you really want instead. But of course, you’ll have to make changes and take actions towards your goal.

If you don’t like something in your life, you don’t need to try to stop thinking about it, because the more you fight it, the more it’ll remain : « What you resist persists ». Instead, you have to focus on what you deeply want, not what you don’t want. It’s important to understand how powerful your thoughts are.

You have an enormous potential locked within yourself. The law of attraction is always at work in your daily life. Once you have grasped the concept of the power of attraction and how it works within you, you will better appreciate its value and live a meaningful life.

2. The important role of the heart in the law of attraction

The law of attraction works through the heart energy. Simple visualization is not enough, you have to have a firm belief for the manifestation to happen. That implies that it’s only when you start to manifest from the heart that you’ll start seeing things working out. This is because your heart electromagnetic field mirrors your emotions and this affects what is usually called the ‘field’ or the ‘divine matrix’ around us. The concept of matrix was first brought out by the German physicist Max Planck in 1944.

Focus (strong and precise intention) and open your heart to welcome the desired outcome without any spectacle of doubt. While doing this, you will be aligning all your energy to that of the divine matrix, the Universe. Therefore, you’ll gather your full potential to get or be anything you desire. It’s all about vibrations and alignment.

You understand that combining both thought and emotion is the key to manifestation. The thought is what gives focus or direction to an emotion. You then « pump » the power of this emotion (love, joy, gratitude, compassion etc.) and you create the feeling. That feeling spreading out from the heart is what speaks to the ‘field’ to manifest things. In the following video, Gregg Braden explains it in a very precise way :

So, you must combine your thought and emotion to create the feeling. You must feel it deep inside of you, with your physical senses.

Another important thing is to feel as though that thing you want already exists or has already happened. Now, you understand that if you want to see peace in the world, you shouldn’t pray for peace but instead feel peace in your heart. You don’t attract what you want but you attract what you are.

3. How to use the law of attraction

Once you understand what the law of attraction is all about, you will appreciate it in creating a better life for yourself. There are endless possibilities with the law of attraction like manifesting love or attracting your soulmate, attracting money and wealth, healing from a disease etc.

Ready to create consciously a life that you love ?

Here are a few tips to manifest more easily :

  • Use heart coherence breathing techniques to create a state of coherence inside of you every day.
  • Meditate every day. During your sessions, build a picture of what you wish in your minds. Visualize and feel as if that thing already exists. You must see colors, smell, hear etc. Be as precise as possible about what you want. Feed yourself with that energy but let the Universe do the rest. You never know exactly how and when that thing will become manifested. So trust yourself, trust the Universe and be patient.
  • Be in an energy of gratitude. You may want to keep a journal of gratitude where you say thank you for the beautiful things that you have « already » manifested in your life. For example : « Thank you for the red car of the following brand […] with the following features […] that I have received… ». You must do it on a daily basis for at least 21 days to speed up the manifestation process.
  • Use subliminal music with affirmations to reprogram your subconscious mind. You may want to listen to the following subliminal music to attract wealth on a daily basis if you’re in need of money :

If you want to get more information about the law of attraction, you should check out the books by Rhonda Byrne ‘The Secret’ and ‘The Magic’.

Do you use the law of attraction in your daily life ? Please let us know in the comments below.

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