Benefits of Meditation

As the name of our website indicates, we obviously encourage the practise of meditation. In different cultures and religions, multiple types of meditation exist such as: Zen meditation (Zazen), Transcendental meditation, Vipassana, Mindfulness meditation, Metta meditation (compassion), Yoga meditations (third eye, chakra, Kundalini…), Taoist meditations… Each meditation type has its own aim but globally, these meditation types are aimed at developing mindfulness, concentration, tranquillity, insight…

Scientifically, research on meditation has shown it can keep you healthy, make you happier, improve your performance in physical and mental task, and even help in preventing multiple diseases.

A few scientifically proven benefits of meditation:

Scientific research has also shown that only 20 minutes of meditation per day during 8 weeks would already provide concrete positive results.

So remember that if you need food for your body, you also need food for your soul, simply because this is your essence.

So what about living a happier and more harmonious life?

Part of Gaia Meditation’s mission is to empower you and expand collective consciousness by promoting: 

the practice of meditation to clear and change your mind.

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