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In the mythology, Gaia is the Greek goddess which personifies the Earth itself. Originally, she is the maternal ancestor of divine races and monsters. The word Gaia is a compound of two elements: Ge meaning the Earth and Aia meaning Grandmother.
Gaia is often referred to as the Mother of Earth.

In our modern era, the name Gaia has been connected to environmental theories. In 1970, the English ecologist James Lovelock published a theory proposing that all living organisms and inorganic material on the Earth are part of a living dynamic system, which maintains the Earth as a fit environment for life on our planet.

“Gaia Meditation” engages all of us in a meditation at two levels:

  • A reflection about Gaia, by expanding our awareness regarding the interconnections between every Earth living beings, our living planet Gaia and the rest of the Universe.
  • A true mental exercise of each of us to reach a heightened level of spiritual consciousness.
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By expanding our awareness through increased knowledge and the actual practice of meditation, we shall understand better the global unity between everything that exists in the Universe: “We Are One”.

Our Mission, Vision, Values

At Gaia Meditation, everything we do is inspired by our mission, vision and values.

Gaia Meditation’s mission is to empower you by:

Eventually, you will “grow”, following the natural development of a plant:

  1. PLANTING or “healing your body in order to heal your mind.”  Well-being
  2. GROWING or “aligning your actions with your true-self.”  Harmony
  3. BLOOMING or “using your mind power to change your (the) world.”  Awakening

Information & Expansion of Consciousness

Part of Gaia Meditation’s mission is to empower you and expand collective consciousness by:

Inspiring and nurturing your mind with information and knowledge shared via our Blog

Three main topics are developed on our Blog :

“A healthy mind in a healthy body”

Talks about health remedies, sport/fitness, meditation, relaxation, diet…

“A positive mental attitude to reach your life goals”

Talks about relationships, motivation, leadership, positive mindset, self confidence, stress management, meditation, law of attraction…

“Awakening to universal consciousness”

Talks about extrasensory perception (ESP), remote viewing, meditation techniques, past life regression, hypnotherapy, UFO…

Other topics also include: Science & TechnologyEnvironmentSociety and Art.

In the Blog, myself, Stephane, and other contributors including my brothers and friends are sharing our thoughts and anything we find relevant, from research in sciences to spirituality and metaphysics, positive world news, and interviews about very unique and special individuals, as well as reviews about inspiring books, films… Our aim is to inspire, motivate and spread positive values as much as possible to you.

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Over 500 audios & videos to help you thrive

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Over 500 audios & videos to help you thrive