Stephane Clement

Who Am I ?

My name is Stephane Clement, I’m the founder of Gaia Meditation. I was born and raised up in a quite unique family… My dad is French, my mum is originally from Bali, the “island of Gods”, and I have 4 other brothers including triplets! ;) Until my teen years, I must say my vision of things was rather conditioned by the Western culture. However, I have always been interested in the mysteries of the world and the Universe, and as I grew up, I had the feeling something was lacking inside of me. When I turned 17, after a holiday in Bali, my vision of life totally changed… While Western countries value more modernity and science, in Bali, people value more tradition and spirituality. That’s when I opened my eyes to a lot of things and somehow thanks to this life-changing trip, I finally felt more in harmony with myself. And the main thing I understood was that the “invisible” world was literally the key to everything around us…

Stéphane Clément

Meditation is the gateway to our inner powers.

In 2010, I was facing difficulties in my life and I had weird feelings, I thought that I was probably not totally walking on the right path. At that time, I was working as a music manager for my brothers’ band and we were struggling in developing our projects. My love life was not doing so well either…

In May, the same year, I got to travel to Bali and my eyes opened for the second time… In fact, spirituality had already been part of my life for many years but that time, I understood it had to become my driver. One night, as I couldn’t fall asleep, I decided to meditate and deeply looked at every aspects of myself. That night, I listened more carefully to my inner voice and accepted to become a “fully spiritual person”. I then started to meditate more regularly, longer and more profoundly. I really felt I needed to feed my soul more and more. And step by step, I started to really feel the power of meditation as I could witness positive changes in my life every day…

We are one. Give to the world and the world will give back to you.

If you look a bit closer at nature around you, you’ll observe that everything that exists is totally interconnected. We, human beings, are “one” with Gaia and the rest of the Universe.

As I was meditating more and more, I developed this sense of Oneness. I understood that if I could make people smile around me, this would tend to make me smile even more. You must have noticed that smiles are contagious ;). My mission is thus simple: I have to share my experience, my knowledge and spread positivity around me as much as possible; in short, I am here to spread Love to you and to as many people as possible. Eventually, if you feel touched, you will continue this chain of Love, consciously or unconsciously, and I believe this is how the world will heal and we’ll live in peace…

Gaia Meditation to empower you.

I have been working in the music industry for a few years but today I have decided to do something that could directly impact the life of others in a positive way. This is why I have decided not to “hide” anymore and to establish Gaia Meditation. Together with my brothers and friends, we’ll share our positive thoughts, articles, information etc., basically anything that could empower you and make a difference in changing this world. You’ll also find a free meditation method that I have created, simply called “Gaia Meditation”, as well as free audio programs including special sound frequencies that will help you in your meditation process or facilitate your access to specific meditative states without any efforts.

Master your mind and master your life!

I would like you to know that I’m just like you, I’m a human being talking to another human being. I know you are here for a reason and I know you have this little flame inside of you that just needs to grow. The path to serenity and happiness exists in all of us, so it all depends on you…

The vision we have of ourselves and of the world in general depends on how our mind functions. It is possible to change it, improve it and even learn to master it. All of us gathering on here, one by one, we can accomplish big things. And just like Ghandi said: “Be the change you want to see in the world”… If we all become a better version of ourselves, this will not only impact our lives, but also expand to our surroundings…

I believe in this and I am working towards this. Will you join us?

More than ever, Gaia needs us. Let’s all make a difference today!
“One planet, One human race, One Love”

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Over 500 audios & videos to help you thrive

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Over 500 audios & videos to help you thrive