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The Power of Thought and How It Affects Us

What’s the impact of your thoughts on your daily life ? Do you have any idea ? Many people would say that they are generally positive thinkers but how often do we find ourselves thinking things like “My work load is stressing me out” or “I’m struggling financially”? Although we may not be aware of it, thoughts like these affect our lives in a kind of negative way. If negative thoughts can affect us so much, imagine what positive thoughts could do instead… Let’s investigate about the power of thought and how it can change the way we perceive the world.

The Experiments of Dr. Masaru Emoto

In the 90’s, Dr. Masaru Emoto proved the power of thought by conducting a series of experiments on water. He realized that when water is frozen, it shows its true nature through the crystals it forms. Emoto began to research further and discovered how words, prayer, and music physically affected the water.

Dr. Emoto began freezing droplets of water and then observed their crystalline structures under a microscope. When he observed clean water from springs or streams, he could highlight the fact that very symmetrical crystalline structures, almost snowflake-like, were formed. On the contrary, when polluted water was observed, the microscope showed crystals that were distorted and misshapen.

After photographing both types of water crystals, Dr. Emoto went a step further in his experiments to prove the power of thought. He exposed the polluted water to positive words like “thank you”, “I love you” etc., and played joyous music. He found out that the frozen crystals that should have looked distorted had a similar shape to the crystals of the clean water. And when water samples were labeled with negative words, they did not form crystals but instead, fragmented and misshapen crystalline structures formed.

Dr. Emoto conducted another experiment, but this time using rice. He took three different containers filled with rice and poured water into the containers. Two of the containers were then labeled. One was labeled “Thank You” and the other was labeled “You’re An Idiot” The third container was purposely left unlabeled to be used as the control in the experiment.

Each day for a month, Dr. Emoto spoke to each container of rice by saying what the label read. After the month was over, the results were astonishing. The rice labeled “Thank You” was beginning to ferment and started giving off a pleasant aroma and the rice labeled “You’re An Idiot” had turned black. The rice that was unlabeled, the control, had completely began to rot. The explanation for the control rice rotting was because being ignored and neglected is quite possibly the worst thing that can happen, even worse than negative words.

The Power of Thought

Think about Dr. Masaru Emoto’s experiments and how the water crystals were affected. Simple words like the ones labeled on the containers and spoken aloud drastically altered the structure of the water samples. Our bodies are made up of 65% of water on average and now that we know that water is responsive to thoughts and emotions, think about how we are affecting ourselves by letting negative thoughts take over our minds.

Our thoughts can also impact our environment as shown in the following experiment where one plant is fed with compliments and the other one is fed with negative remarks :

The results spoke for themselves… The plant that was being complimented flourished while the other one withered.

Now you understand why being aware of the power of your thoughts is important.

Here are few things you can do to help switch over to more positive thoughts :

  1. Be more conscious of your thoughts

Whenever you start to think of something negative, even complaining about aches, pains, money etc., try to acknowledge the negative thought. Becoming more aware of what you’re thinking will help you be able to dismiss it and look for the positives. This includes how we think about ourselves and others.

  1. Perform acts of kindness

It is natural for most of us to expect something in return when we give to others. Instead of thinking of what you will get in return, be grateful for what you already have in your life and perform acts of kindness to spread the wealth to others.

  1. Meditate

We are always in such a rush to get through our days. This leaves us stressed out and our thoughts scattered. Meditation allows us to calm our thoughts and focus on what we should be grateful for. It is easier to maintain positive thoughts when our minds aren’t racing.

  1. Listen to subliminal music with positive affirmations

Subliminal music embeds positive affirmations that were recorded below the threshold of conscious perception. These affirmations are meant to penetrate deep inside your subconscious mind to reprogram yourself, i.e. change thoughts, bad habits etc.

Check out this powerful subliminal music :

Change is difficult. We are all guilty of letting our thoughts and emotions get to us. When we realize the power that our thoughts hold, we can change how we perceive things around us and step by step we can litterally change the world.

Are you aware of how your thoughts and emotions impact your day to day life ? Please let us know in the comments below

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