Free Energy

Free Energy is the most abundant form of energy on Earth

What is free energy?

Free energy is an alternative form of energy that could change the world. It is believed to be a no-cost, pollution free, unlimited source of energy.

However, claims have been made that the production of free energy has been suppressed so that the government and other powerful agencies continue to profit from the “Fossil fuels trade.”

How is free energy going to be useful?

It is said that free energy is going to change the way of the world. Currently, there is an uneven balance in the distribution of free energy. For millions in the world, life has become a struggle to survive, a struggle to get access to energy like water and electricity. With free energy, everyone will have equal access and this is believed to vastly reduce hunger and property and other forms of ailments that plague the world.

Free energy was reportedly envisioned by Nikola Tesla

Nikola Tesla was believed to have created radiant energy, or free energy, as it is popularly called today. Nikola Tesla made a device that could harness energy directly from the environment with the help of cosmic rays. It was believed that an elite banker, JP Morgan, who had been financing Tesla’s research, pulled the strings when Tesla had planned to share his findings with the world. His research was also said to have been burned down.

Who is believed to suppress the free energy?

When it comes to suppressing free energy, the rich and powerful of the nation are involved.

  • The Big Banking Families/The Elite Bankers – The big banking families include the families in which banking has been done for generations.
  • The International Elite – They include some of the most powerful and wealthy people of the generation. Their main aim is to create a one-government order which benefits only the elite. To do this, they suppress all forms of free energy so that their money keeps on coming. They plan to suppress take control over all systems like food, air, and water.

In spite of hard work, the people who work regularly remain at the bottom of the financial pyramid while the financial elite to continue to gain money. These people suppress anything that may threaten their position, and free energy is one of them.

What are the New Energy Devices?

“New Energy” devices are the devices that can produce an endless supply of energy. The key to that is the source that these devices use (free energy) is endless.

Although the second law of thermodynamics states that the energy of a system decreases continuously, the principle on which these new energy devices run is an open system, and which follow the basic mechanism of the torus.

What is the Torus?

The Torus is a surface of revolution resembling a doughnut and having two openings. Energy enters from one side, and after circling the centre, goes out through the other side. This is a balanced process.

According to scientist, Arthur Young, a torus is an entity that can sustain itself. It is believed to be the universal and fundamental pattern of energy flow.

The documentary “Thrive” talks about free energy

The documentary “Thrive”, directed by Foster Gamble, focuses on free energy and states that the influential government agencies are all trying to suppress any inventions that may allow the world to have access to free energy.

There are many mentions of inventions in the documentary, about devices created to harness free energy, and it is also mentioned that these devices mimics the torus energy shape.

John Bedini has claimed that he has created a machine that uses the torus and can generate more energy that it uses. Similarly, Adam Trombly also said that he had created a device which could make electricity right out of air, by mimicking the Earth’s magnetic field. Both these inventions were suppressed.

What can be done about Free Energy?

Raising awareness is the most important step. There needs to be an awakening among the common masses. With unity and patience, it might just be possible to overtake the dominant elite suppressors and bring free energy on everyone’s doorstep. With the availability of free energy, it is quite easy to envision a world where harmony exists, and where there is no gap between the rich and the poor.

Have you heard about free energy ? What do you think about it ? Please let us know in the comments below.

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