Near Death Experiences

5 Common Elements of Near Death Experiences (NDE)

If you’re curious about what lays beyond ‘the other side’, Near Death Experiences (NDE) are phenomena that will fascinate you. Throughout modern medical history, thousands of people have claimed to have these experiences and the number grows every year.

Scientists and spiritual people continue to argue about whether they provide evidence of an afterlife. Nevertheless, the fact remains that these people are seeing and feeling remarkable things, at a time when their physical bodies are in crisis. The documentary ‘Beyond Our Sight,’ by Anthony Chene explores this in more depth. It documents the NDE encounters of six individuals. They share their personal thoughts on what happened to them the day they came close to death. This is a very intimate film, filled with compelling testimony. If you’re interested in finding out more about what happens after death, it is a great resource.

This article about near death experiences discusses the most common elements, as reported by those who have encountered them.

1. Intense Feelings of Love

By far the most common NDE feature is an intense and overwhelming feeling of love. Around 66% of people talk about being in the presence of something powerful, which is all-embracing. In some cases, this takes the form of deceased relatives. In others, it is a sensation of being close to God. Some people cannot identify the source of this power, but most are certain that it is there to keep them safe.

2. The Glowing Tunnel

This symbol has become synonymous with near death experiences. It is, in many ways, looked at as a kind of cliché. However, it appears (in some form) in around 42% of encounters. But there isn’t always a tunnel. Sometimes, it is a passageway, a staircase, or another kind of transitional object. Many people describe seeing the ‘tunnel’ and sensing that it represents a doorway to life after death.

3. Meeting with God

One of the most interesting features is the so called ‘meeting with God.’ It is interesting because, after an NDE, more atheists are likely to report this than religious people. Talking to or just being close to a divine presence is common. This doesn’t really match with scientific claims of neurological hallucination, as it is oddly specific. Why would an avowedly atheist brain choose to dream up a consultation with God?

4. Being Denied Passage

Just under half of near death experiences involve a refusal of passage. Either the person is told that they must return to their body and cannot travel further or they are given a choice. Most testimonies describe the former; being physically prevented from moving beyond a certain point. It is rare for anybody to talk about this encounter as being frightening or aggressive in any way. Some are disheartened, but the feeling of joy and love continues.

5. The Life Review

The life review is another NDE feature which has become shorthand for these encounters. Around 62% do experience this, but it isn’t an essential element. It refers to a journey through the course of a life; either in its entirety or in select pieces. Almost all people describe their journeys as ‘timeless.’ Many feel like they have revisited their whole life in an instant. They may be compelled to question their choices and the value of their time on Earth.

What Near Death Experiences Can Tell Us About Life After Death

If one thing is clear, it is that we’ve got a long way to go before we fully understand the NDE phenomena. The key, however, is approaching encounters and testimonies with an open mind. Science finds this very difficult at times, but the only way to find the truth is to listen to those who know.

There are thousands of people out there who are willing to share their experiences of a world beyond the physical. By recording their stories, asking questions, and trusting them with the answers, perhaps we can learn. One day, we might fully unravel this mystery. It is a beautiful notion and you can use it to inspire your own pursuit of self-awareness.


Do you know someone who has ever experienced a NDE? Please let us know in the comments below.

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