Schrodingers Cat Explained

Weirdness of Quantum Theory : Schrödinger’s Cat Explained

Every day, we all make decisions and choose between one or more options available to us. Even babies make decisions – whether to cry, open their eyes, or even what to look at. Each time we make a choice, we affect the future. Although this effect is small, it is still a change from what might have happened if we had chosen another option. Until we choose, the option is open, like a doorway. And now you have to choice to read this article or not… But you’d better read this Schrödinger’s Cat Explained article to learn more about the weirdness of our Universe ! :)

This theory applies to everything, including particles throughout the Universe. With particles, they are not presented with their options for choices until someone is observing them. Before they are observed, they

actually are experiencing all of the possible options of their existence – sort of how we consider what the possible outcomes are of each of our choices.

With Schrödinger’s experiment, we all know that the cat is made up of particles. It is not really the cat who is choosing, as for sure the cat would choose the best option for himself if the choice were his. However, the experiment takes this option away from him because of the way it is set up.

Schrödinger’s Cat explained in a simple way

The theory of Schrödinger’s cat is quite interesting. It involves a cat that is placed in a box with radioactive materials. Later, when the box is opened again, the cat will either be alive, or it will be dead. Two options are available in this situation. Either the radioactive materials have not caused the cat to die, or they have done exactly that, and the cat is now dead.

However, until the box is opened, nobody knows for sure if the cat is still alive or has died. This is where there are two options. It is also where Schrödinger’s theory says that the differences in the two outcomes create a splitting of the universe into two copies, in which in one universe, the cat is alive, and in the other universe, the cat is not alive, but quite dead.

Understanding why nobody knows if the cat is alive or dead

The basis of this theory is that everything that is possibly possible must happen, and that whatever state something might exist in, must exist in at least one of the multitude of universes. After all of the decisions that have been made consciously by all the individuals ever alive over the millennia, all of the possible outcomes that might have happened, there must be trillions of these universes, and more are always being created.

Because of this, we don’t know which universe we are in at any given time, and what that means for the outcomes of options we are presented with. We do not know what state the cat will be in, dead or alive, until we open the box. We can always assume we know the outcomes and results of the decisions we make but we can never really know for sure. And with this theory, each outcome that is possible with each decision we may make must happen in its own universe!

Schrödinger’s Cat theory can’t be tested

But this theory of Schrödinger’s can never be tested. In one universe, you saw that you could read this article. When you decided to read it, the universe split into two. In the other universe, where “you” do not exist as “you” but as another “you,” the choice was made to not read this article. Perhaps there was an earthquake and electric power was lost. Perhaps there was a knock at the door. Perhaps in the other you had a heart attack.


However, since it is impossible to see into other universes, or to even prove they exist, and on what plane they might be (perhaps in the same plane, but on a different wavelength), the theory presented by Schrödinger can never be tested. As such, it can never be proven correct. While this may seem to be a disappointment, it shouldn’t be. Many theories remain unproven, but assumed to be true. Also, it can never be disproven and shown to be false.

Please let us know what you think about this theory in the comments below… Or maybe you’ll decide not to… :D

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