how to open your chakras

How to open your chakras for better health and happiness

At some point in your life you must have heard about the term Chakra, but do you know what it refers to? Did you know that physical or emotional problems can be explained by unbalanced chakras? Some of them can even be blocked. This is why it’s important to know how to open your chakras.

In this article, you’ll get an overview of the chakras and you’ll learn to recognize both physical and emotional signs, and symptoms, that might indicate that a certain chakra is blocked or out of alignment. You’ll also learn how to simply open or realign them, allowing you to live a healthier and happier life.

1. Overview of Your Chakras

 In Sanskrit language, “chakra” literally means “wheel” or “disk”. A chakra is an energetic center in your body. In fact, you have seven main chakras. All of them correspond to certain physical attributes, as well as mental or emotional aspects of your life.

Here is an overview of your 7 chakras:

* Root Chakra (basic trust) – color: RED

This is your grounding chakra, often referred to as the Earth chakra. It is located at the base of your spine. It mainly deals with survival. In other words, it focuses on your most basic needs and ensuring that they are met. This is the part of you that is in charge whenever you feel in danger. It also has a lot to do with your overall stability as an individual, as it is the foundation for everything else.

* Sacral Chakra (sexuality, creativity) – color: ORANGE

This chakra is located in the lower abdomen, below the naval. It mainly deals with sexuality and creativity. Granted, when it is fully functioning it can help you be a much more creative person on an entirely different level, but it also has a function in daily life. You have to use your creativity to find solutions to everyday problems so that you can overcome them. Think of some time in your life when you have brainstormed to solve a problem. It was this chakra that you were using the most.

* Solar Plexus Chakra (wisdom, power) – color: YELLOW

The solar plexus chakra is located below the diaphragm. You can think of it as your life force. Do you have a lot of energy and vitality or do you spend a lot of time feeling drained? The answer to this question probably has something to do with this chakra.

* Heart Chakra (love, healing) – color: GREEN

This chakra deals with your emotions, as well as your connections to others. As the name implies, it also deals with certain aspects that are concerned with the function of the heart.

* Throat Chakra (communication) – color: BLUE

This one deals mainly with communication with others. On the physical side, it involves the thyroid and the throat.

* Third Eye Chakra (awareness) – color: INDIGO

This chakra deals with psychic abilities and intuition. It is located on the forehead between the eyebrows.

* Crown Chakra (spirituality) – color: PURPLE

Finally, this chakra deals mainly with your spiritual connection to a higher power, your true life’s purpose. It is located at the crown of the head.

If you would like to learn more about the 7 chakras in a simple way, you should watch this children’s cartoon:

2. Physical Problems With Blocked Chakras

 You might be wondering what types of physical problems you may have if you have one or more chakras that are blocked.

– You may have issues with weight (obesity) if there’s a problem with your root chakra, as you don’t feel like your basic needs are being met.

– Physically, you could also be suffering from a lot of stomach problems or even digestive issues if either the sacral chakra or the solar plexus chakra is involved.

– If the heart chakra is blocked, you may notice problems with a fast or irregular heartbeat, especially when your emotions really kick into gear. You may find that your heart is more sensitive to those emotions than what you might consider to be normal.

– If your throat chakra is blocked, you could be dealing with a lot of hoarseness or several sore throats. You might even have chronic problems with tonsillitis or a thyroid condition that causes it to be either overactive or underactive.

– If your third eye chakra is blocked, you might notice that you don’t really have a lot of imagination or intuitive ability.

– Finally, a blocked crown chakra could mean that you suffer from a lot of headaches or pain anywhere in the region of the head.

Physical symptoms are not the only signals of a blocked chakra. In fact, you almost always have the emotional signs and symptoms that go hand-in-hand with the physical ones.

3. Emotional Signs of Blocked Chakras

 – Anxiety and depression are associated with a blocked root chakra.

– If your sacral chakra is blocked, you may find it exceptionally difficult to come up with solutions to problems or think of new ideas. Perhaps you are a normally creative person, yet the ideas aren’t coming to you.

– If your solar plexus chakra is blocked, you are likely to feel as if the energy has literally been drained right out of your body. Regardless of the amount of rest you get, you are tired and listless.

– If the heart chakra is involved, you might be overly emotional or in some cases, devoid of emotion. You might also find it difficult to connect with others.

– A blocked throat chakra often means that you have an exceptionally difficult time communicating your thoughts and feelings effectively to other people.

– If your third eye chakra isn’t functioning fully, you lack the ability to sense things in others or to pick up anything about a particular situation.

– A blocked crown chakra can make you feel as if you have lost that spiritual connection that was so important to you.

Now that you know what to look for, it is time to know how to open or realign your chakras.

4. How to Open Your Chakras

* The most effective way to open your chakras is through consistent meditation. A lot of people have a habit of getting discouraged because they meditate once or twice and they don’t notice an appreciable difference. The rate that your chakras open will largely be determined by how dedicated you are to your meditation sessions and how you actually go about accomplishing them.

One way to do a chakra meditation is to visualize a “wheel” for each chakra. Start with the first chakra (root chakra) and proceed one by one going up. As you work at the root level, visualize a red wheel spinning clockwise. Breathe in red and breathe out red. Stay at this chakra level until you can see and feel a pure red color going in and out. If this is not the case, that means that your chakra is still blocked or not cleansed yet.

* Using chakra healing music can also be very useful while meditating. We’re all vibrations and energies. Music also implies vibrations, therefore using the right frequencies to interact with us at a deeper level can help us open and balance our chakras. If you are relatively new to meditation or if you find it difficult to stay relaxed and focused, the help of some powerful chakra meditation music can truly be beneficial.

Also, if you have problems with love, relationships, guilt, forgiveness and loneliness for example, it could be because of a blocked heart chakra. So you may even try specific Heart Chakra Music. While you meditate, you may surround yourself with energies of gratitude towards yourself and other people.

Once all of your chakras are opened, you’ll have to realign them from time to time. Remember, this really is a key element to health and happiness and it will help you combat stressful situations far more effectively.

The use of chakra music is one of the most effective techniques that you can utilize as the frequencies used will work at deeper level whether you’re meditating or not.

What’s your technique to open and balance your chakras? What do you usually do? Please comment below.

Stéphane Clément

Stéphane Clément

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