Ending the tuning frequency war

440 Hz vs 432 Hz vs 528 Hz – Ending The Tuning Frequency War

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Amongst sound/music therapists, vibrational medicine practitioners and meditation music producers, there is a prevalent contention on the most beneficial frequency for tuning the instruments used in their trade. On the forefront of this battle, we have 440 Hz vs 432 Hz vs 528 Hz. The tuning frequencies of A 432Hz and C 528Hz are both struggling to unseat A 440Hz, the presumed dissonant impostor king. The internet is awash with claims and anecdotes in support of the competing frequencies. The 432Hz and 528Hz warriors are busy campaigning for the dethronement of 440Hz as the international tuning standard. To some extent, they have succeeded in demonizing 440Hz as being dissonant and detrimental to holistic well-being. Nevertheless, 440Hz has continued to enjoy the support of elite loyalists amongst whom are the tuning frequency kingmakers.

A Mediator’s Point Of View

Let’s draw the blinds on this picture of strife and look, with enlightened eyes, on the brighter side. It is possible that we might begin to see the futility of the raging war of tuning frequencies. Perhaps, we might also realise that frequencies are essentially numerical representations of vibratory quality. In this regard, all frequencies are equally capable of harmony and dissonance, irrespective of their numerical value. What we make of each and every frequency depends on whether or not we subject them to the laws of harmonic proportions. If we do, we create order and harmony. Otherwise, we remain with chaos and dissonance.

Do not take my peacemakers’ word for it. My neutrality in the war of tuning frequencies is not arbitrary. I have the advantage of an insider, accruing from my experience as a physicist, sound therapist, audio engineer and esotericist. So, I can go a few extra miles to elucidate my point of view. Hopefully, I would be able to raise the peace flag and end the undesirable war of tuning frequencies. Stay with me as we briefly explore the warring frequencies (440Hz, 432Hz and 528Hz), why they are equally beneficial and why the emphasis, as far as meditation music, sound therapy and vibrational medicine is concerned, should shift from mere numerical values to harmonic ratios.

A 432Hz Tuning Frequency

There are wide speculations and claims that 432Hz is the frequency of the Universe but that’s not exactly correct. Rather, 432Hz is the natural frequency of our earth planet owing to its motion around the Sun. It is one of the frequencies through which Universal Energy streams into our solar system. The frequencies of other solar systemic planets share in this role of receiving and transmitting Universal Energy, which according to esoteric science manifests in 7 different forms called the 7 Rays.

To illustrate why 432Hz should, more appropriately, be referred to as the natural frequency of our planet, let’s consider the following calculations:


The Earth’s spiral-cyclic motion around the Sun (which constitutes its fundamental motion/vibration or keynote) is at the frequency of 1 cycle per year. That is one cycle per 365.25 days. Therefore;

Earth’s Frequency = 1 cycle ÷ (365.25 × 24 × 60 × 60)seconds

= 3.168809 × 10-8 cycles/second

= 3.168809 × 10-8Hertz

The Law Of Octaves

The frequency derived above is extremely low and cannot be heard by the human ear, although it constantly influences all manifested life on the planet. We can bring this extremely low frequency of the Earth into the audible range by using the law of Octaves which holds that: one can use an octave of a frequency to the same effect as the frequency itself. An octave is simply a doubling or halving of a frequency, and raising the Earth’s vibrational frequency to the 32nd octave will bring it into the audible range. Thus:

232 × 3.168809×10-8 = 136.09Hertz

≈ 136.1Hertz

The equal temperament scale of A = 432Hz has C#3 = 136Hz, which is a higher octave of the Earth Year frequency. Therefore, A 432Hz resonates harmonically with the motion/vibration of the earth planet. Most of the benefits attributed to A 432Hz stems from this mathematical correlation. By the way, the calculation above was first advanced by Hans Cousto, a Swiss mathematician and musicologist. He also computed the frequency of other known planets and their octaves within the audible spectrum.

C 528Hz Tuning Frequency

C = 528Hz is another tuning pitch in serious contention for the “King of Frequencies” title. It corresponds to the pitch C5 on the scale of A = 444Hz. On that same scale, D3 = 148.2Hz, which, following the cosmic octave calculation as above, is a higher octave of Saturn’s motion around the Sun. Therefore, 528Hz is harmonically related to Saturn, the same way 432Hz relates to our Earth planet.

A 440Hz Tuning Frequency

The tuning scale of A 440Hz, which has received the worst bashing by frequency conspiracy theorists, has G#3 =  207.7Hz. Again, according to cosmic octave calculations, 207.7Hz  very closely approximates the higher octave of Uranus’ motion around the Sun. That makes 440Hz the harmonic frequency correlate of Uranus.

From the foregoing, we can clearly see that 432Hz, 528Hz and 440Hz are innocent numerical representatives of vibrations resulting from the motion of the Earth, Saturn and Uranus respectively. None is inherently dissonant and all are capable of producing harmony provided that we apply the appropriate harmonic ratios. Without these ratios, chaos and dissonance will abound.

Beneath The Surface

432hz-528hz-440hz - Gaia Meditation Now it gets really interesting if we shift our focus a bit to the planets whose vibratory signatures are represented by the frequencies. We have:

432Hz ==> Earth

528Hz ==> Saturn

440Hz ==> Uranus

Esoteric science attributes certain psychological and physical effects to the astrological planets. These planets receive and transmit the 7 Rays of Universal Energy throughout the solar system. Each Ray streams via two solar systemic planets with the exception of the 5th and 7th Rays. The 3rd Ray, for instance, transmits via Saturn and Earth, whilst the 7th Ray streams exclusively via Uranus. Going by this correlation, we arrive at a striking relationship between 432Hz and 528Hz. Both of them are channels of the 3rd Ray Energy. This might account for the similarities in the claims of beneficial effects flaunted by the exponents of both 432Hz and 528Hz tuning. 440Hz tuning, on the other hand, channels the 7th Ray Energy.

No Winner

All the 7 Rays are equally important in the universal scheme of evolution. On that basis, 440Hz is not inferior to 432Hz and 528Hz. Some may still want to argue in favour of 432Hz based on its correlation with our earth planet. It makes sense to crown 432Hz since we are, for the most part, earth creatures. A counter-argument would be that we, as humans, are entirely not earth creatures. As a matter of fact, the higher aspects of our consciousness are not earthbound. Besides, our earth planet is not energetically isolated. Its vibratory activity is influenced by the motion of other planets and vice versa. The frequency of each planet is, ultimately, a resultant of the cumulative influence of other planets within the solar system. These humbling facts, therefore, returns the tuning scales of 432Hz, 528Hz and 440Hz to equal footing.

Exonerating 440Hz

432hz-528hz-440hz Chakras Let’s narrow down our gaze from the macrocosmic to the microcosmic and further consider the frequencies without bias. According to esoteric science, the 7 Rays stream through the 7 energy centres/Chakras of the subtle human body. In the process, they exert certain influences which manifest in the mental, emotional and physical nature of individual human beings.

For example, the 7th Ray streams, mostly, through the 2nd energy centre of average humans. The 2nd energy centre (also called Sacral Chakra) controls sexuality, creativity, relationship, etc. On a physiological level, it is related to the Gonads (male and female reproductive organs). That gives a clue to the effects expected from the scale of A = 440Hz. Recall that 440Hz is harmonically related to Uranus, which according to esoteric astrology transmits 7th Ray energy.


In esotericism, we also know the 7th Ray as the Ray of Magic, Ceremonial, Law and Order. So there might be some truth in the report of certain observers that A 440Hz tuning feels rigidly structured. Another obvious effect of 440Hz will be the stimulation of the sexual and sensual nature in average humanity. This influence is easily noticeable in western cultures where 440Hz tuning currently rules supreme. All that, however, is not enough reason to loathe and disregard 440Hz.

Veiled Benefits Of 440Hz

In advanced humanity, the 7th Ray Energy  streams through the 1st energy centre instead of the second. So the effect of this Ray is entirely different for this class of human beings. The stimulation of the 1st energy centre (Root Chakra) plays a part in raising the so-called “kundalini” force at the base of the spine. The benefits of such arousal, although not of common knowledge, spells well for humanity. It facilitates the blending of Spirit and Matter and opens the gates for the manifestation of heaven on earth. Again, this concerns those who have attained the prerequisite level of evolution in consciousness and have joined the class of advanced humanity. For the rest of humanity, the 7th Ray will continue to influence the centre for sexuality and mundane creativity, too much or too little of which constitutes a problem.

The Aquarian Influence

It is also worthy of note that humanity is on the verge of a new civilization, the Aquarian age. According to esoteric teachings, the 7th Ray rules the Aquarian age. So it shouldn’t be surprising that the 440Hz tuning, (harmonically related to 7th Ray Uranus) emerged as a preferred tuning pitch at this time of transition. In certain circles, the adoption of 440Hz as the standard tuning pitch is a matter of mathematical convenience. But to advanced esotericists, it is clearly one of the forerunning adaptations for the incoming Aquarian age.

The 3rd Ray Dominance

The 3rd Ray energy streams via our earth planet and Saturn. These two planets harmonically correlate with 432Hz and 528Hz, respectively. In esoteric science, the 3rd Ray influences the 5th energy centre of the human subtle body. This centre is called the Throat Center and is believed to be the higher correspondence of the 2nd energy centre. It is associated with communication, higher creative activity and, in some way, the mental development of average humanity. On a physical level, the Throat energy centre is associated with the Thyroid & Parathyroid glands, as well as organs within the Throat region.

Collectively, the Throat Chakra of humanity is currently receiving a lot of stimulation. One possible reason is that a critical number of humans have attained the level of evolution of consciousness that necessitates the transmutation of energy from the Sacral Chakra to its higher correspondence, the Throat Chakra. Add that to the fact that our Earth planet itself is a 3rd Ray planet and you’d begin to see why A 432Hz and C 528Hz are dominant players on the tuning frequency stage.

Interestingly, 432Hz has a history of effectiveness in treating issues relating to the Throat Chakra. The earliest promoters of 432Hz recorded many beneficial effects in Otolaryngology and that’s not mere coincidence. The field of Otolaryngology deals with the ear, nose and throat, all of which fall within the influence of the Throat Chakra.

Separating The 432/528 Tie

Earlier in this article, we established the fact that both 432Hz and 528Hz channel the 3rd Ray Energy. One might wonder whether there exist any differentiation to their effects or not.  To solve the puzzle, we turn to another aspect of esoteric science that classifies Saturn as a sacred planet, and our Earth planet as non-sacred. Sacred planets influence mostly the more advanced human beings amongst us whereas the non-sacred planets bear their force mostly on average humanity. In this sense, we will expect that 432Hz tuning influences average humanity more than advanced humanity. The reverse will be the case for 528Hz tuning. This, however, is not a hard and fast rule.

The preceding is probably an oversimplified presentation of the relationship between the 7 Rays, frequencies and the energy centres/Chakras. I could expand it a little bit by adding that each of the 7 Rays has 7 sub-rays. Meaning that we have a 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th and 7th sub-ray for each of the seven Rays. This relationship mirrors the diatonic musical scale, where 7 harmonically related notes are mathematically derived from a root pitch by applying harmonic ratios. So, for each Ray represented by a tuning frequency, the 7 diatonic notes will channel the 7 Rays as sub-rays.

For example, if all we have is an A=440Hz (7th Ray) instrument, we can obtain the other Rays as sub-rays, at least, by following the harmonic proportions of the diatonic scale. Thus, reiterating the fact that mathematical ratios are more important than the numerical value of tuning frequencies, if our goal is to create order and harmony out of chaos.

Another important mathematical ratio to consider is the equal temperament ratio that yields the 12 pitches of the chromatic scale. In advanced esoteric science, there are correlations that connect each of the 7 Rays to a chord of 3 notes from the chromatic scale. Again, irrespective of the tuning pitch, each of the 7 Rays will stream via their corresponding chords either as the main Ray or as a sub-ray.


In summary, the war of tuning frequencies (440 Hz vs 432 Hz vs 528 Hz) is absolutely unnecessary. Every frequency, on analysis, will be found to channel one or other of the 7 Rays of Universal Energy. In this respect, no frequency rules the others and none should be favoured as standard tuning pitch in a rigid manner. So let the war end on the note of “no victor, no vanquished”.

The future is bright as we gradually enter the era of democratization of tuning frequencies.  The challenge, going forward, is to properly delineate the 7 basic tuning frequencies representing the 7 Rays of Universal Energy. The preferred tuning pitch should, thenceforth, be determined by the microcosmic effects we intend to produce and the macrocosmic Ray energy involved. If our target is to influence the throat chakra, for instance, we would either tune to 432Hz or 528Hz to channel the needed 3rd Ray Energy. Such practical application of tuning frequencies will characterize the future of sound/music therapy, vibrational medicine and meditation music.

A Glimpse Of The Future

A glimpse of this future is already on the horizon. PsychosonicTherapy.Com showcases audio products, called “Psychosonic Harmonizers” that are sonically engineered in accordance with this new paradigm in tuning frequencies. A set of Psychosonic Harmonizers contains 7 tracks of ramped monaural/isochronic tones blended with nature sounds/ambience. Each track within the set is tuned to one of the 7 Rays and targets one of the 7 major energy centres/chakras of the subtle body. When listened to, the audio tracks stimulate the normal harmonious functions of the centres via resonance. Such stimulation, amongst other benefits, raises the resilience coefficient of the energy centres against chaos and dissonant entrainment. As a result, the energy centres of the subtle body maintain optimal functions which translate to holistic well-being. Learn more about this exciting invention at PsychosonicTherapy.Com

More groundbreaking innovations in the field of sound/music therapy and vibrational medicine are expected to emerge as we finally abandon the war of tuning frequencies.

Ikwan Onkha

Ikwan Onkha

Ikwan Onkha is a physicist, esotericist, audio engineer, sound designer, music composer and a certified sound therapist. He runs PsychosonicTherapy.Com and can be reached at ikwano[at]psychosonictherapy.com (replace [at] by @)
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