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Fly To The Moon


If you can dream it, you can achieve it.

  • Duration: 1h
  • 432 Hz
  • With or without isochronic tones (low Theta, low Alpha, high Delta waves)
  • Sounds: dreamy piano sound, Tibetan bowls



When you’re aware you are dreaming, you are experiencing lucid dreaming. When this happens, you have the ability to do all sort of things and can even achieve what you thought was impossible. Scientific research has been conducted as regards to lucid dreaming and many scientists and philosophers have published papers about it.

This lucid dreaming audio will train your brain to work in the different brain states observed by scientists during lucid dreams. The more you’ll listen to it, the more you’ll be able to take control of your dreams. Studies show that the easiest time to have a lucid dream is in the morning upon waking. It’s then preferable to listen to this audio at that moment.

The dreamy atmosphere of the music will increase your imagination and creativity. The isochronic tones embedded in the audio will help your brain to synchronize with the specific brain states associated with lucid dreaming.

  • In the first 20 minutes, the Theta waves produced will help you reach a very deep state of relaxation.
  • In a second time, the Alpha waves will take you back into a pre-sleep state during 20 minutes. You will feel relaxed, calm and lucid.
  • The third step (20 min) will take you to a brain state in between Low Theta and High Delta. You will reach a deep sleep state but you will remain conscious. 3.9 Hz Delta frequency gap is associated with crystal clear meditation and lucid dreams. It will enhance your inner awareness and make you aware you’re dreaming.

Main applications of lucid dreaming:

  • Overcoming nightmares:
    A study has been performed in 2006 (1) and proved that a lucid dream therapy treatment would reduce nightmare frequency. When you’re aware you are dreaming, you can literally turn a nightmare into a bright and happy dream.
  • Overcoming fears and becoming stronger:
    Sometimes nightmares may reflect your fears and phobia. When you are aware you are experiencing a nightmare, you can find the courage to face the “fear” instead of avoiding it. You will get more confident and become stronger.
  • Experiencing your fantasy:
    You are free to imagine and create the most wonderful experience of your life, as if you were the director of a movie.
  • Training for any kind of event:
    Many people use lucid dreaming to prepare themselves for an upcoming event like a public speech, an exam, an interview, a sport competition or an artistic performance.
    Through mental imagery, lucid dream can smartly be used as a mental training exercise.
  • Increasing creativity:
    It is quite obvious to note that lucid dreaming can help you increase your creativity. It will have a positive impact in your daily life and your dreams will become a huge source of inspiration.
  • Waking up happy and improve your perception of life:
    Just like the positive emotions created by a great book, a stunning movie, a beautiful song or a wonderful moment, what you achieve in a lucid dream can literally improve your perception of life and help you live the life you’ve always dreamed of.

(1) Spoormaker,-Victor-I; van-den-Bout,-Jan (October 2006). “Lucid Dreaming Treatment for Nightmares: A Pilot Study”. Psychotherapy-and-Psychosomatics 75 (6): 389–394. doi:10.1159/000095446. PMID 17053341. Conclusions: LDT seems effective in reducing nightmare frequency, although the primary therapeutic component (i.e. exposure, mastery, or lucidity) remains unclear.

Note:  This audio is tuned to the universal frequency A=432 Hz, the true harmonic intonation of nature. This tuning provides powerful healing benefits.


  • Headphones: not required but recommended.
  • Best Time To Listen: Anytime but preferably right after waking up in the morning. Never listen while operating machinery, driving or performing other hazardous activities.
  • For Personal Use.

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Sound Frequency

Brainwave Entrainment


, ,

Isochronic Gap

4 Hz, 7 Hz, 3.9 hz


, ,

Audio Format

High-Quality MP3 320 Kbps

File Size

147.1 MB

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