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Gaia Meditation

Our Philosophy

About The Founder

My name is Stephane Clement, I’m the founder of Gaia Meditation. I was born and raised up in a quite unique family… My dad is French, my mum is originally from Bali, the “island of Gods”, and I have 4 other brothers including triplets! ;) Until my teen years, I must say my vision of things was rather conditioned by the Western culture. However, I have always been interested in the mysteries of the world and the Universe, and as I grew up, I had the feeling something was lacking inside of me. When I turned 14, after a holiday in Bali, my vision of life totally changed… While Western countries value more modernity and science, in Bali, people value more tradition and spirituality. That’s when I opened my eyes to a lot of things and somehow thanks to this life-changing trip, I finally felt more in harmony with myself. And the main thing I understood was that the “invisible” world was literally the key to everything around us…


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